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Microbot (Ages 7-12)

17 classes 

10 robots

1.5 hours/class



Our Microbot program uses hands-on and interactive tools such as screws and nut drivers to construct 10 pre-designed robots.


Throughout the semester students will be able to use a variety of parts to create fully functioning robots. Students will learn how each part works and how they can be used in various contexts. By the end of the semester, students will be familiar with the parts in their kits!

Classes in the Microbot class may be structured in two ways: 

Building: Aside for the first few robots, it usually takes a student one class to build a robot. That being said, we also ensure that students are able to work at their own pace. We allow time for each student to complete the the robot at the time that is needed. 

Programming: Students program their robots using user-friendly, drag and drop interfaces. Students will get a more in depth understanding of the theory and logic behind basic programming. They will be able to apply their skills and knowledge to a robot challenge designed by the instructor at the end of the class.

Our Microbot program has a total of 7 levels. Once a student has completed one, they may move on to the next. 

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