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....................................... .   This past Saturday, our sister program from Holy Trinity School Team 1800  fought hard at the Brampton Vex IQ Qualifier. After a long day of competition, playing 6 matches, team 1800B finished qualification matches in 3rd, eventually winning the title of tournament champions, edging out 20 other teams from across the province. Congratulations on your win and good luck in the Provincial Championships!

Congratulations !

At Quantum Youth Labs, we offer:


Ages 5 - 7

VEX Class 

Ages 8+


Ages 8 - 14


Ages 7 - 12

Game Design 

Ages 9+

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Age: 5-7

Our Minibot program is designed for young engineers ages 5 to 7. 

This class is a great start to let younger children understand robot technology!

Age: 8-14

Students ages 8 – 14 learn how the basic parts of VEX IQ kit function and are used.

Students participate in weekly challenges that test their skills and knowledge. 


Age: 6-10

QyLabs 8-12 robotics classes have 6 levels designed for young engineers ages from 8 to 12.

The classes are thoughtfully created to develop skills and knowledge in robotics.

Ages: 8-14 Advanced

Our VEX IQ team competes with teams at the regional, provincial, national and world level.