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Congratulations Team 5208!

on qualifying for 2019 VEX IQ World Championships!

At Quantum Youth Labs, we provide:


Ages 5 - 7

VEX Class 

Ages 8+


Ages 8 - 14


Ages 7 - 12

Game Design 

Ages 9+

About Us


Age: 5-7

Our Minibot program is designed for young engineers ages 5 to 7. 

This class is a great start to let younger children understand robot technology!

Age: 8-14

Students ages 8 – 14 learn how the basic parts of VEX IQ kit function and are used.

Students participate in weekly challenges that test their skills and knowledge. 


Age: 6-10

QyLabs 8-12 robotics classes have 6 levels designed for young engineers ages from 8 to 12.

The classes are thoughtfully created to develop skills and knowledge in robotics.

Ages: 8-14 Advanced

Our VEX IQ team competes with teams at the regional, provincial, national and world level.